Untitled - Ralph Eugene Meatyard, 1961

Burning Small Fires, 1968.

Think - Bruce Nauman, 1993

Untitled (Mary Frank and children with sparklers) - Robert Frank, 1958

Corridor Installation (Nick Wilder Installation) - Bruce Nauman,1970
Untitled - Ralph Eugene Meatyard, 1964

Seeding Mermaids (Sembrando Sereias) - Tunga/ Costa Brava, Rio de Janeiro, 1987

Untitled - Miguel A. Cuesta, 2013
Untitled - Ralph Eugene Meatyard, 1964
Silver Nerve - Tunga, 1987
Cranston Ritchie with Pitcher - Ralph Eugene Meatyard, 1964

Shadow Play - Vito Acconci, 1970
(from “Three Relationship Studies: Manipulations, Imitations, Shadow Play”)

In this three-part exercise, Acconci explores the dynamics of the artist’s interaction with or manipulation of an other. Each study involves a form of mirroring. In Shadow-Play, Acconci spars with his own shadow image, aggressively confronting himself as other. In Imitations, Acconci attempts to mirror another man’s gestures and actions. In Manipulations, Acconci — seen by the viewer in a mirror — faces a nude woman and directs the movements of her hands over her body through his own hand motions.

The Taste of Tea - Katsuhito Ishii, 2004
Thou shall not fear